Project type: Residential
Location: Hobe Sound, Florida, USA
Description: Single family residence | 9.300 SF
Scope of work: Site analysis, project concept, schematic design and client presentations
Architect of Record: HUUM Architects

Project description:
Located on a barrier island in Florida, this project is intended as a compelling gathering place during the winter months for a large, evolving family. The program required a design both large enough to accommodate three generations for a weekend and intimate enough for the owners to occupy on their own. The solution creates a grouping of small, individual buildings stitched together with roof structures to become a generous courtyard compound.

In addition to a house that functions for both small and large occupancies, the client’s active lifestyle and temperate Florida winters invited an indoor/outdoor solution. The creation and manipulation of two separate grids—the U-shaped interior program and a cross-shaped outdoor program—led to a series of outdoor spaces designed to be used as alternatives to their interior counterparts.

As this large interior lot has no specific view, the design is organized to create a clear articulation of indoor versus outdoor activities, which results in a variety of focal points oriented along the project’s major axes. In addition to organizing the program and dictating the primary formal moves, this concept of indoor/outdoor living flows through the project down to the details—determining how the two systems intersect at the level of materials.