Project type: Conceptual design & project planning
Location: Bezene, Hungary
Description: Casino resort
Scope of work: Concept planning, schematic design and presentation
Architect of Record: Friedmutter Group & Arch2KBT

Project description:
The EuroVegas resort & hotel complex is a carefully considered tool, designed to complete a task. Everything in the resort experience—from building facades to slot machine hit frequencies—can be crafted to ensure return visits. This scenario generator/script is one method for the project team to form the experience for the various types of end-users/actors. These ‘actors’ are primarily local gamers, at least for the initial phase, but would also include vacationers, ‘foodies’, nightclubbers and spa clients.

The casino proper is obviously the main attraction for phase one. And the largest constraint with the design of the casino—the EU regulation requiring a visual separation between under-aged customers and all gaming areas—presents a challenge, but also a unique opportunity. The partition, intended to keep people out, can also be used to entice people in. Conceptually, the wall is a giant velvet rope—instantly creating exclusivity, curiosity, hype and desire. Performatively, the wall is a Swiss army knife—separating spaces, facilitating circulation, acting as signage, seating, etc. Other attractions would include the stand-alone spa, nightclub, restaurants—each one functioning as the destination/storyline for their respective end-user/actor.