Project type: Residential competition
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Description: Land use proposal
Scope of work: Concept and production

Project description:
Homeownership is good public policy. It provides stability to communities and wealth creation for families. It is the embodiment of the American Dream. The high cost of land in Los Angeles makes it nearly impossible for most people to achieve this goal. Permitting single-family homes on smaller lots in multifamily residential zones would make homeownership attainable for many more families in our city

1. Create houses in close proximity with pleasant internal and adjunct spaces that can accommodate and promote a range of lifestyle choices and family configurations.

2. Enhance neighborhoods by creating designs that are compatible to existing neighborhood architecture along with pleasant transitional and pedestrian spaces.

3. Ensure feasibility and reproducibility of plan.

4. Innovate designs that can apply to both interior and corner lots.

5. Strive to create comfortable living spaces that minimize energy use through utilization of natural light and ventilation. Provide opportunities for community interaction among residents, neighbors and visitors through creative design of private and public spaces.